Film Distribution

Global Recognition and Exposure for Sri Lankan Cinema

By showcasing Sinhala movies on mainstream channels through platforms like Landmark Theaters, Ceylon Entertainment Inc. provides these films with unparalleled visibility on the global stage. This exposure allows the unique stories, cultural nuances, and artistic expressions of Sinhala cinema to reach a diverse and international audience, contributing to a broader understanding and appreciation of Sri Lankan culture.

Cinematic Diversity and Enriched Content

The inclusion of Sinhala movies in mainstream channels enriches the cinematic landscape by introducing diverse narratives, storytelling techniques, and cultural perspectives. Viewers are exposed to a different cinematic experience, fostering an appreciation for the richness and diversity of storytelling inherent in Sinhala films. This benefits both the global audience seeking fresh and unique content and the Sri Lankan film industry by expanding its reach.

Pathway to Hollywood and Industry Recognition

By pioneering the path for Sinhala movies from mainstream channels to potential opportunities in Hollywood, Ceylon Entertainment Inc. opens doors for industry recognition on an international scale. This not only enhances the reputation of Sinhala cinema but also creates opportunities for collaboration, cultural exchange, and participation in prestigious global film festivals. The recognition garnered through mainstream channels contributes to the growth and evolution of the Sri Lankan film industry.


Ceylon Entertainment Inc., a trailblazer in the Canadian film industry, is revolutionizing the landscape for Sinhala cinema. Pioneering the showcasing of Sinhala movies on mainstream channels, including Landmark Theaters, the company is carving a path for Sinhala films to reach Hollywood’s prestigious platforms. With an unwavering commitment to promoting the richness of Sinhala storytelling, Ceylon Entertainment stands as the singular commercialized platform for releasing movies in Canada and the USA through mainstream avenues. This groundbreaking effort not only elevates Sinhala cinema’s global visibility but also sets the stage for a new era of international recognition and appreciation.


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